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2135 Spy Run Avenue
Fort Wayne, IN 46805


Phone: 260-482-2399
Fax: 260-484-9842


Executrain of Northern Indiana

Pop-up Widget

As you may have already noticed, there is a pop-up widget from vCita that will appear in the lower left corner of your page. If you happened to close it already (it's OK, we understand!), click the orange contact tab to bring up a form that you can use to send us your information. We understand that some IT situations are urgent. Next to a phone call, this is the next best way to get a hold of us, because we check this line of communication frequently. When you contact us through this widget, please leave a phone number or email address that we can use to get back with you quickly with information that will help you.

We also love referrals! The vCita widget is also a great way to submit a referral. If you know of a company who might benefit from our services, we would love the opportunity to meet them and discuss how we can help develop a clear understanding of their current situation and start developing a solution that is right for them. While the decision process is an important time, we shoot straight with potential customers up front in hopes to quickly get to helping people resolve their pending IT issues or broken relationships with other IT providers.